My name is Gurpreet Singh Padda, MD.  I am a medical physician who practices interventional pain management in St. Louis, Missouri.  My area of specialty is by necessity a forensic science, using specific tailored treatment options guided by a diagnostic and therapeutic workup, based upon a thorough understanding of the mechanism of injury.  Clinical success can only be achieved by applying deductive reasoning to the anatomy and physiology of a particular injury, whether it be endogenous or exogenous or a combination of both.

I find that I am frequently confronted with clinical situations where patients have sustained an alleged injury, and I am being asked by the patient or their legal counsel questions regarding the injury; such as causation, disability, and future medical expense.  I also have had situations where I am asked to independently evaluate records in order to determine defensibility or standard of care violation, or even medical necessity for fraud recovery.

I started this blog to promote an enhanced understanding of pain management in the medico legal arena and to share information.  This blog does not provide legal or medical advice, and no patient or legal identifiers should be posted.  Remember, all things are contextual.